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LumiLor at SEMA LaunchPad

Vote Pete LumiLor LaunchPad SEMA

Some people say that SEMA is the Super Bowl of the automotive world. But those of us that know better know that the Super Bowl is the SEMA of football.

For years now, every single year, I have had the opportunity to not just attend SEMA but to be actively involved in the SEMA show.

Some of my favorite SEMA memories precede my time with LumiLor. I gave live airbrush demonstrations as a Custom Paint and Graphics Instructor on behalf of Ohio Technical College and The PowerSport Institute. And I was Creative Advisor (and still am) for The Ultimate Brushoff when it filmed a sizzle reel at SEMA. Being a part of SEMA has allowed me to showcase my talents and capitalize on the many opportunities the SEMA show has to offer.

But the LumiLor years at SEMA have been nothing short of phenomenal.

It’s amazing to be at SEMA with LumiLor just to see the looks on the faces of people when they get to see, touch, and experience LumiLor in person. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the WOW when people see LumiLor.

Having the CamTech bagger at SEMA in 2013 (confirm date) was special. It was the first time LumiLor was featured on a vehicle at SEMA and it blew people away. We talked to thousands of people all day, every day, and it paid off when LumiLor won four SEMA Media Awards that year.

SEMA 2015 was incredible when Chevy rolled out its feature car, the Krypton Camaro, which was lit with LumiLor. I still get goosebumps remembering back to that moment the car lit up on stage and introduced thousands of people to the possibilities of electroluminescent paint. To this day it’s not unusual to be talking about LumiLor when someone says they were at SEMA that year

and saw the Camaro.

LumiLor SEMA Gerald Mendez

2016 was a tremendous year at SEMA too. The live airbrushing on top of LumiLor in the IWATA booth was by far the best part. Legends such as Kiwi Terry and Gerald Mendez creating live on LumiLor is something I’ll never forget.

SEMA 2017 is shaping up to be our biggest year ever in Las Vegas. We’ll be showing off LumiLor on a featured build of a 1958 Lincoln. The car is called Galactica and is a project by the one and only Alan Lee. Our good friend Scott McKay will doing the space themed artwork over the LumiLor on the build. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Not only that, but this year I am excited to be a semi finalist in the SEMA Launch Pad sponsored by the SEMA Young Executives Network (YEN).

The Launch Pad is one prime example of the many additional opportunities that SEMA has to offer. Being on the cutting edge of technology with our product, LumiLor, the Launch Pad is an excellent way to create the brand awareness and recognition that we as a company can benefit from. Being able to work with top professionals and successful veterans not only in our specific field but all fields that blanket across the automotive aftermarket industries is something special.

Having made it to the semi-finalist round in the Launch Pad competition is a huge milestone for LumiLor and our company, Darkside Scientific. The advice, mentoring, and networking has been a positive impact for me personally and for Darkside Scientific as a company. And SEMA is still over two months away.

Will you be at SEMA this year the first week of November in Las Vegas? Please stop by and visit us at our booth if you are. And stop by to see the live pitch presentations for the final round of the Launch Pad competition and see our product presentation.

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