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LumiLor now available at Ellumiglow

LumiLor Ellumiglow

LumiLor, the world leader in Light Emitting CoatingsTM (LEC) is now available from Ellumiglow, an industry leader in innovative and cutting edge lighting technologies.

LumiLor and Ellumiglow have been working together for a number of years on electronics projects and the time has come for the next evolution of our partnership.

Ellumiglow is a trusted supplier of electroluminescent technologies, LED lights, and laser wire across industries including trade promotions, stage production, and architectural lighting.

Ellumiglow customers are artists, engineers, and lighting enthusiasts who continually innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with light. Providing them with LumiLor and its ability to create conformal lighting will allow them to innovate in ways previously not possible.

It’s going to be exciting to discover what Ellumiglow and its customers will create with LumiLor.

Ellumiglow and a list of our other resellers can found here.

See for yourself the possibles of LumiLor in the world of architecture:

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