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LumiLor is Ringing in the New Year with New Pricing, New Products, and New Opportunities for You.

The LumiLor Team has several incredible announcements planned for you in 2017 and we’re starting off with some of the most exciting ones.

Effective immediately all pricing and product announcements contained below are valid at and at all of our distributors.

New Pricing – The price of all LumiLor electroluminescent paint products has been reduced by 10%. That's a permanent 10% price reduction on all LumiLor Starter Kits, LumiLor Bundles, and individual LumiLor components. Keep reading for more details on these products.

Did you know that we’ve spent over $3 million in research and development to ensure LumiLor is an effective, durable, and high quality electroluminescent paint? Recent advancements have allowed us to improve our technology while making LumiLor more cost effective for you to invest in LumiLor for your business or project.

New Formulation – Introducing LumiLor 3.1.1 which includes a brand new Conductive Top Coat. This is the fourth and final layer of the LumiLor system. It is both conductive and translucent which allows for it to complete the LumiLor circuit and also allows for the electroluminescent light to pass through it.

Here's a video refresher on the four components of the LumiLor electroluminescent paint system:

The most exciting thing about the new Conductive Top Coat is that it ships to you pre-mixed and ready to spray. The previous version of this component was shipped in multiple containers and required mixing before being applied. This new formulation saves you time and effort in addition to being more affordable.

All LumiLor Training Videos are being updated to reflect changes in the application process due to our new Conductive Top Coat.

New Size Bundles – The new formulation has also allowed us to ship LumiLor in smaller containers. Effective immediately LumiLor is available in 4oz (118 ml) LumiLor Bundles.

A LumiLor Bundle contains all four components of the LumiLor system: Backplane, Dielectric, LumiColor, and Conductive Top Coat.

Individual 4oz (118 ml) containers of each component are also available if needed.

New Size Starter Kits – The LumiLor Starter Kit is the best way for you to get started with LumiLor and the new 4oz (118 ml) kit size makes it even easier for you. Each kit contains a 4oz (118 ml) LumiLor Bundle plus two samples to paint and all necessary electronics to light up the samples.

FREE and UNLIMITED access to the LumiLor Training Videos is included with this and all other LumiLor paint purchases. These videos walk you through the entire LumiLor application process step by step.

Don’t forget about the LumiLor Support Team which is available to answer all of your LumiLor questions and help you succeed with LumiLor.

Here a snapshot of the LumiLor Training Videos led by Pat and Randy...they same guys who run our LumiLor Support Team.

New Training Options – You receive FREE and UNLIMITED access to the LumiLor Training Videos with all LumiLor paint purchases.

But if you are the type of person who prefers hands on training with immediate and specific feedback then consider one of our optional LumiLor training classes.

Two different courses are currently available for registration.

101 – Basic Application Techniques which is based on the same content in the LumiLor Training Videos

102 – Advanced Techniques and Troubleshooting which covers content not currently covered in the LumiLor Training Videos.

Classes are held at our company headquarters in Medina, OH, just outside of Cleveland.

We’re excited to bring you these new announcements to kick off 2017 and we’re excited to share with you more new and exciting announcements throughout all of 2017.

Happy New Year.

~ The LumiLor Team

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