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Abe Lincoln Loves LumiLor

The Abe Lincoln memes on the internet are some of my favorite because, well, if you've spent any time on the internet you know exactly why they are funny.

They also highlight a challenge we sometimes

face with LumiLor. People do not think it is real. It's difficult for people to imagine how it's possible to paint any surface and turn it into a lightbulb. It's much easier to imagine how easy it is to Photoshop an image or video in order to deceive others.

That's the background to why I keep smiling every time I watch some recent videos posted by Ted Brodene of SpinWurkz in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Here's the story. Ted reached out to us regarding LumiLor a few weeks ago. Coincidentally I was going to be in the Tampa Bay area so I stopped by to meet Ted in person.

Ted was pretty excited to say the least. He has a vision of how he wants to grow SpinWurkz and LumiLor compliments that vision by giving him a product with which he can offer truly unique custom work to his car, motorcycle, and even boat customers.

Ted ordered a LumiLor Training Kit right there on the spot before I left his shop.

Fast forward a few days. The LumiLor Training Kit has arrived at SpinWurkz and Ted is ready to spray. He creates a short video to document the process and to share on the SpinWurkz Facebook page.

It's obvious he is excited to spray LumiLor for the first time. But you notice a slight feeling of uncertainty in some of his comments such as

"If it doesn't work, it doesn't work."

Watching this in the video is when I first smiled.

I sometimes forget how spoiled I am to have the opportunity to see, touch, and play with LumiLor every day and I also forget that light up paint is a revolutionary and innovative concept that is not always intuitive for people to understand right away.

So I smiled. And waited. I waited for the next video to come out. And when it did I watched it and smiled some more.

The second video documents Ted going through the LumiLor application process. Watching this shows that Ted is one of those guys that really enjoys what he does. But the last few minutes of the video are my favorite because this is where it's obvious that Ted's experience with LumiLor has shattered any doubts he had. This is the part of the video which has comments such as

"It's incredible."

"It's real. LumiLor is the real deal."

and my favorite

"It honestly caught me off guard....I thought it was fake."

The embedded video above has clips from Ted's before and after videos.

As Abe Lincoln famously stated in his Gettysburg Address "Don't believe what you see on the internet just because you see it on the internet. Do your homework, ask questions, and research topics, just like Ted Brodene did with LumiLor."

What will you create with LumiLor?

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