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Whoa…The Capacity of Touch

The Whoa Board (@whoaboard) is an amazing piece of innovative technology. Think of it like a light switch for electroluminescent materials without the pesky switch itself. It allows you to turn electroluminescent objects on and off simply with a touch or even a gesture if a touch is a bit too much effort for you :)

The Whoa Board Kickstarter campaign breaks down all of the details of what it is, how it works, and what materials it works with. It’s technology with some of my favorite features:

  • Open source

  • Plug-n-play

  • Programable

My absolute favorite feature is that it works seamlessly with LumiLor. We sent a panel painted with LumiLor to Josh, the creator of the Whoa Board, and he plugged it in and like magic the LumiLor painted panel turned on and off with the touch of his hand. Except this was better than magic, it was science, which means its real. And that means you can use it too.

Hands down my second favorite feature is that you can use the Whoa Board to control electroluminescent materials with a banana. That’s right, a banana! Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see how that works.

Maybe you can’t imagine using the Whoa Board with a banana in real life, but imagine the possibilities of touch sensitive capacitance on your LumiLor projects.

You want to activate the safety design feature on your helmet, backpack, or bicycle? Just give it a touch.

You want to turn it off? Touch it again.

You want to show off the custom airbrush on your car or motorcycle? Just give it a touch.

You want to turn it off? Touch it again.

You get the idea.

And if that, pardon the pun, is a little too touchy-feely for you then you can program the Whoa Board to respond to motion. Why touch your helmet to activate its LumiLor when you can simply shrug your shoulders to activate it? Yes, that is in the Kickstarter video too.

LumiLor opens a world of creativity by giving you the power to paint with light. And the Whoa Board multiplies your opportunities for creativity by giving you new ways to activate and control LumiLor.

What can you imagine being painted with LumiLor and controlled with a Whoa Board?

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