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What a week it has been for LumiLor and for you too!

Wow, what a week it has been. And all of this is great news for you whether you are an aftermarket painter, an OEM, or someone with a single project you are looking to create with LumiLor.

LumiLor hosted a potential manufacturing partner from Japan, debriefed executives in Europe on a project we recently completed for them, and oh yeah, we also launched our online store. And it’s only Wednesday!

The aftermarket applicators benefit immensely from the LumiLor online store. Not only is it an easy way to purchase LumiLor but the online video training allows you to learn the basics of LumiLor application in your own shop and on your own schedule.

The OEM partners we are working with are fantastic. Their unique needs and requirements have been the catalyst for many of the advancements we’ve made with LumiLor as a product and also with application techniques

And all of this is good news for consumers who want LumiLor on their motorcycle, car, boat, or anything else. Especially the online store which will fuel growth in the aftermarket painter market to give you more options and ideas for using LumiLor electroluminescent paint on your special project.

The future is looking bright for LumiLor.

Check out this short video highlighting some of the projects we've completed.

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