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LumiLor Announces Version 3.1, the LumiLor Online Store, and the LumiLor Academy

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

~ Albert Einstein

Andy Zsinko asked a question. Is it possible to create paint that effectively acts like a light bulb? Through trial and error, creative imagination, and persistence, Andy created LumiLor which answered that question with a resounding yes.

The LumiLor electroluminescent coating system was born, and new questions continually were asked. Most of them falling under the one overarching question: what do we do now?

The cycles of trial and error, creative imagination, and persistence are the essence of the company today. And today we excited to share with you many announcements which are answers to the question of ‘what do we do now?”

LumiLor 3.1

Our newest version of LumiLor is the most amazing version we’ve created. It is brighter, easier to apply, and more cost effective than previous versions. We know that this is going to lead to a lot of questions, especially this one: “How do I get LumiLor?”

LumiLor Online Store

Next week we will launch the LumiLor Online Store where you will be able to purchase LumiLor directly from us. Our website will answer all of the questions you have about pricing, usage, brightness, application processes, etc. and the store will enable you to purchase the LumiLor electroluminescent coating system for your own use. LumiLor samples and accessories will also be available. This is fantastic news, but it may lead you to ask questions about learning to apply LumiLor. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to apply electroluminescent paint.

LumiLor Academy

LumiLor Academy is designed to help you succeed as a LumiLor applicator.

LumiLor Academy will soon launch online training videos which will walk you step by step through the LumiLor application process. Access to these videos will be free with the purchase of a LumiLor Starter Kit. The LumiLor Starter Kit will contain the LumiLor coating system components, blank objects to paint, and basic accessories needed to complete the online training to get you painting with light.

Online videos are a great way to be introduced to LumiLor but many people want more training with opportunities for direct and immediate feedback. LumiLor Academy is excited to announce the opening of its training center in Austin, TX.

The training center is where you can immerse yourself in LumiLor with the most experienced LumiLor trainers on the planet. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes are available to not just meet your needs, but to help you succeed. Check out details on the Training page at

Now, a question for you: what will you create with LumiLor?

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