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"How much does LumiLor cost?"

It depends on if you want to apply LumiLor yourself, have someone apply LumiLor

for you, or if you want to incorporate LumiLor into your manufacturing process.

LumiLor Applicators

Professional painters who use LumiLor in their business.

LumiLor can be purchased from our worldwide network of Authorized LumiLor Dealers or from the LumiLor Store if you reside in the USA or Canada. Purchasing from an Authorized LumiLor Dealer includes world class support.


For information on getting started with LumiLor, including the LumiLor application process, contact your Authorized LumiLor Dealer or visit our online support at


LumiLor Starter Kits are what applicators use to begin their mastery of LumiLor. Starter Kits provide LumiLor components, accessories, blank substrates and step by step instructions to learn the application process. 

After completing the Starter Kit, applicators can purchase LumiLor Bundles (proportionate amounts of all four layers of LumiLor) or individual components depending on their needs.  


LumiLor Bundles are available in a 4oz or 8oz size. Your Authorized LumiLor Dealer can help you determine the correct amount of LumiLor required for your project. 

Having Something Painted with LumiLor

Personal projects. 

  • You can have LumiLor applied to your car, bicycle, motorcycle, or just about anything else.

  • LumiLor pricing for a project is based on the overall project, not just the LumiLor.  Factors that directly impact the price include:

    • What is being painted – size, shape, substrate material, etc.  

    • Design creation – do you have a design already or do you need the painter to help with renderings?  

    • Design intricacy – complexity of a design and its cost tend to be correlated.  The more complex a design is the more it typically costs.

    • What do you want in addition to LumiLor – topcoats, custom airbrush, hydrodipping, advanced electronics? 

  • Need an applicator for your project?  Find a LumiLor Applicator or fill out our Contact Form.

LumiLor Pricing for Manufacturers

Manufacturers and OEMs

  • LumiLor pricing for manufacturers depends on specifics similar to those list above a personal project painted with LumiLor but also include economies of scale for mass production.

  • LumiLor works with manufacturers through a process that includes planning, prototyping, and production.

  • Use our Contact Form to share your vision of what you want to do with LumiLor and we will guide you through the process.

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