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Manufacturer / OEM

Information for manufacturers and OEMs wanting to incorporate LumiLor into their products. 

Our team works directly with manufacturers and OEM's who want to light up an existing or future product. We will collaborate with you on everything from samples and prototypes to full production integration. 

One of the first things clients want to know is how much does LumiLor cost. Pricing for mass application is dependent on the criteria of the project including: 

  • Object - The size, shape, and material of what is to be lit. 

  • Coverage - The total square inches of LumiLor that will be needed.

  • Design - The complexity or simplicity of your design.

  • Application - How LumiLor will be applied (paint, vinyl, screen, etc.).

  • Amount - The size of your production run.

  • Customization  Custom top coats, advanced electronics, etc. 

Contact us to share your vision of what you would like to do with LumiLor. We will guide you through the process from planning and prototyping through production. 

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