How much will it cost to LumiLor my _______________?
The answer to our most popular question depends on several factors. 

  • How much LumiLor will be needed?

  • Where will it be applied?

  • How detailed is the design?

  • Will the electronics be basic or advanced?

  • Will it require pearls, candy, hydro dip or other top coatings?

As you can see, due to the flexibility and nearly endless options of application, its necessary to speak with an authorized LumiLor applicators who will work with you to incorporate LumiLor into your design and budget.

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Explore the work of some of our                              applicators.

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SEMA Gen-III Innovator of the Year:  Pete Gonzales, Darkside Scientific, creators of LumiLor Light Emitting Coating
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