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LumiLor patented electroluminescent paint

Become an Applicator

How to become a professional LumiLor applicator.

LumiLor is an incredible opportunity to grow (or start) your professional paint and customization business. LumiLor allows you to create designs with light in ways previously not possible. Imagine the possibilities of incorporating light directly into your projects.

With LumiLor you can:

  • Paint with Light in any color. There are eight base LumiLor colors but any color can be achieved by mixing and/or top coating.

  • Top coat LumiLor with pearls and candies to create infinite effects as the light passes through these translucent paints.

  • Airbrush over LumiLor and let the light reveal hidden designs only visible when lit.

  • Hydrodip over LumiLor to create designs that are impossible without LumiLor. 

  • Control the light any way you want – on/off, strobe effect, sequencing, and motion/sound activation. Control LumiLor just like you control any light bulb or LED.

  • Customized products are the future and LumiLor provides a way to set up your business to take advantage of this developing trend.

Getting Started

Get to Know LumiLor

Visit to:

  • Learn more about what LumiLor is

  • Understand the experience and equipment needed

  • Review the training videos so you know what to expect

Contact us or an Authorized LumiLor Dealer with questions you still have. 

Purchase a LumiLor Sample

Still unsure about what exactly LumiLor is?  

Get your hands on LumiLor by purchasing an already painted LumiLor sample from the LumiLor Store.

  • Sample Shapes are three dimensional samples that allow see, touch, and feel how LumiLor conforms to a three dimensional object.

  • Sample Panels are flat panels that are ideal for experimenting with top coats, airbrushing, or hydrodipping.

  • Vinyl Samples allow you to experience the ability of LumiLor to flex and bend on a vinyl substrate.

All LumiLor samples can be used to experiment with top coats over LumiLor.

Purchase a LumiLor Starter Kit

Begin your mastery with a LumiLor Starter Kit which provides the LumiLor, accessories, blank substrates, and step-by-step instructions to learn the application process. 


Larger Starter Kits give you more experience with the application process.  The 8oz Starter Kits will have leftover LumiLor to use on your own projects. 

Starter Kits can be purchased from our worldwide network of Authorized LumiLor Dealers or from the LumiLor Store if you reside in the USA or Canada.


Purchasing from an Authorized LumiLor Dealer or directly from the LumiLor Store includes world-class support for the Starter Kit and for all future projects.

Your Own Projects


After completing the Starter Kit you are ready to use LumiLor in your own projects.

LumiLor Bundles (proportionate amounts of all four layers of LumiLor) are the ideal way to purchase each of the LumiLor components at one time while saving money compared to purchasing individual components.

LumiLor Bundles are available in a 4oz or 8oz size.

Your Authorized LumiLor Dealer is available to help you determine the correct

  • Amount of LumiLor required for your project

  • Electronics for your projects

  • Design and layout for your project

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