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The LumiLor Story

Andy Zsinko, an aftermarket painter with over 25 years of experience, was the mastermind behind LumiLor. The idea was developed in 2009 while sharing a beer with his pals.


Andy had just completed a unique glow-in-the-dark paint job for a friend but was unhappy about the short life and lack of control of the glow. This frustration prompted Andy to begin the search for a solution to the questions, “What if I could control the light, and what if I could make it shine brightly for hours?”


Soon after, he set to work, creating a rough version of what would eventually become LumiLor.


By June 2010 Andy had a prototype formula which he used on a 1976 Kawasaki Police 1000, painting the album cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on the rear box of the motorcycle.


After he finished, he took the bike to a hotel in Berea, Ohio to meet up with a group of friends and when they saw the iconic rainbow jutting from the prism flicker to life their jaws hit the floor and Darkside Scientific was born.


Andy and Shawn Mastrian created a team that continued the development of LumiLor to the world-class product it is today. Sadly, Andy passed away in March 2015; however, his legacy continues to move forward with a team that has the same goals and aspirations.

Meet the LumiLor Team

Darren Touchedup.jpg


What do you do with a gourmet chef who enjoys boxing to stay fit and has a chemical engineering degree from MIT? We've made him our CEO.  Shawn is a co-founder of Darkside Scientific and has extensive experience from his careers with Acenture, IBM, and as a consultant to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.


Sales & Marketing

If you ever see a 6' 5" tall man wearing a LumiLor t-shirt doing pushups in public, there is a good chance it's Darren. It's not because he is a workout freak - it's because one of his favorite hobbies is engaging in ridiculous wagers with pushups as the currency.  Based on his track record, you'd think he would look more like a workout freak than he actually does.



Scott's favorite movie is The Blues Brothers which is somewhat ironic considering he is a music junkie and a former highway patrol officer.  It's always exciting talking to Scott and hearing all of the new and unique ways people want to use LumiLor.


Research & Development

Steve has a natural inclination towards experimentation. How do we know?  Because he gets just as excited by his experiments that fail as the ones that succeed. His curiosity and willingness to ask 'what if' have led to numerous advancements for LumiLor.


Customer Support

Do you have a question about LumiLor?  You're in great hands with Pat.  He's a Certified ASE Instructor, former instructor at Ohio Technical College, one of our lead trainers, and he runs our customer support team.  He's a big NY Jets fan which typically does not give him a lot of opportunity to talk trash, except at work where he's surrounded by a bunch of Cleveland Browns fans.



Studied collision repair and custom paint at Ohio Technical College. Graduated in 2011 with a 4.0 GPA. Worked in the automotive industry for about 12 years. Enjoys spending time with her 2 children, cruising the country side, and working on her project car. 


Creative Director

Marty learned at a very young age that design was in his soul. After studying at the Columbus College of Art & Design and THE Ohio State University, he went on to start his own successful design agency in Northeast Ohio. He now uses those 'very particular set of skills' to help bring Lumilor projects to life.  

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